Photos. Bessa and Manaira, Joao Pessoa

ummmmm.......looks like rain........again!

ummmmm.......looks like rain........again!



Is the e-board there?








DBL? What's that then?

DBL? What's that then?


3 responses to “Photos. Bessa and Manaira, Joao Pessoa

  1. hei Dominic the name of the branch is MANAIRA and you wrote MANEIRA…:)

  2. Thanks Get.

    Spelling, to be honest, has never been a strong point of mine. But I do have a good excuse in that the English spelling system is not always the most logical.

    Talking of spelling, do you know what the most misspelt word in the English language is?

    Well, apparently it’s………


  3. Mister barlow

    Hi, I was walking on the net and I really enjoyed the site.

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