Recommended reading list

Fancy putting your feet up and having a good read? Well, here are some books that might take your fancy.

If you have any other suggestions, please let us know.


‘Learning Teaching’ by Jim Scrivener (Macmillan, 2005)

‘The Practice of English Language Teaching’ by Jeremy Harmer (Longman, 2007) 

‘A Course in Language Teaching’ by Penny Ur (CUP, 1996)



‘A Framework for Task Based Learnng’ by J. Willis (Longman, 1996)

Teaching grammar

‘How to Teach Grammar’ by Scott Thornbury (Pearson, 2000)

‘About Language’ by Scott Thornbury (CUP, 1997)

‘Natural Grammar’ by Scott Thornbury (OUP, 2004)

‘Teaching Tenses’ by R. Aitkin (ELB, 2002)

Teaching Vocabulary

‘The Lexical Approach’ by Michael Lewis (LTP 1996)

Teaching Pronunciation

‘How to Teach Pronunciation’ by G. Kelly (Longman, 2000)

‘Voice Setting’ by Scott Thornbury (ELT Journal, 1993)

Developing reading skills

‘Developing Reading Skills’ by F. Grellet (CUP, 1981)

‘Teaching Reading Skills in a Foreign Language’ by C. Nuttall (Heinemann, 1996)

 Language learning

‘The Language Instinct’ by Stephan Pinker (Penguin, 1994)

‘A Cognitive Approach to Learning Language’ by Peter Skehan (OUP, 1999)

Recommended reading list for CELTA



5 responses to “Recommended reading list

  1. Hi Dominic!

    Useful list! But could you suggest some books related to : How to motivate reading into YL classrooms or about reading skill?



  2. Hi Galeice,

    you might want to take a look at the following articles which all deal with reading and young learners.

    I found them all on the same website, which has loads of articles about reading. You can find it at:


  3. Hi everyone!

    If you like teaching children, this is a very useful book. It provides a comprehensive overview of the issues surrounding the teaching of YL.

    ‘Teaching Young Language Learners’ by Annamaria Pinter (Oxford 2006)

  4. Hi everyone,

    If there is anyone interested in doing the A.R. on ´Young Learners using L2 in the classroom`, please let me know as me and Erika(both teachers from Cultura Inglesa João Pessoa)are going to work on this topic. Any suggestion or comments are very welcome!!

  5. Hi again,

    Just a short note to say how great articles you can find on teaching YL if you click on Blogroll ´ESL kids articles`. Thanks for the tips Dominic!!

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